Each Travel Lead Is Certified

Price Per Lead Monthly Cost # of Travel Leads
$75.00 $75.00 1 Lead
$65.00 $325.00 5 Leads
$60.00 $600.00 10 Leads
$55.00 $800.00 15 Leads
$50.00 $1000.00 20 Leads

Note: Our leads generate clients that travel 4 times a year on average

Disclaimer: Some Leads may be for 1 Room for 1 Night or 100 rooms for 10 nights. We do not prioritze leads or sell leads based on the number of rooms or the number of nights. We distribute our leads to the next hotel partner in Queue. You may receive 5 leads that all are for group bookings or 5 leads for 1 room each and for short stays. We are fair as they come to lead distribution. We do however send our vendors who are located in a particular city or who get amazing rates for particular city priority leads. Our Goal is to get our customers a quick response, the absolute lowest hotel rates and excellent customer service from our affiliates. Affiliates can be terminated if they do not respond in a timely manner. We also buy back your leads if you do not have a great rate the client is looking for but another affiliate does have. In this case you will be refunded by way of another leads for equal or greater room nights.

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